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My Husband's brother is getting married and having a no child wedding.
I am OBSESSING about this, because-- well, they are such a fucking "family oriented" family supposedly.
I understand that they don't want a bunch of kids running around their wedding, but how do you NOT invite your nephews?

new journal

i have a new journal. If I haven't friended you, drop me a line. :-)


Hey, It's a boy!

We are meeting him tomorrow, and he's coming home sometime next week.
His name is Isaiah, and he's 18 months old.
i'm going to close this journal, which i never use anymore, and start a new one. I will keep you all updated.
New chapter, new journal


NOt on livejournal anymore really

Just in case you haven't noticed... LOL
if you have a ravelry, my name is jennybean, add me as a friend or let me know.
And Tau, yes, I haven't forgotten your book, it's just my stuff is in storage because we are redoing our attic because we found mold.
Which is why I have been quiet.
Because I've been sick. And we couldn't really figure out WHY i was getting sick every time I went upstairs to work. I thought it was some kind of mental artists block or something.
No, it was actually ice damming.
But now we have to redo the roof, and in the meantime... well, it's not really pretty.

All the fangirls go SQUEEE.....

A friend of mine (who lives in Wales, but no, not in Cardiff,) just gave me some interesting info for the Season 2 of Torchwood.

James Marsters is going to be on a couple of episodes playing another Time Agent who appears and is apparently Captain Jack's ex lover.

*fans myself a bit*

Otherwise, I've been working. And not much else.

not surprising to me

How Slytherin Are You (With 10 images)

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a red letter day

Matt and I are taking a friend from the west coast to Salem,Ma tomorrow for "ye olde grande tour of witchcrafte"and the craziness that is Salem on October.
He's also really into architecture, so we are also going to see The house of the 7 Gables.

But because I have been in "highly drugged/brain fried/seasons changing" mode, this was our conversation this morning:

ME: We will also have to go see the house of the seven gables, because it's famous because of the story, by, um, the author.
Him: Um....
Me: You know, the red letter guy
Him: Oh yeah, what's his name. The Scarlett Letter, right?
His wife in the background, who is here on business and facilitating the trip, "You mean Nathaniel Hawthorne?"
Me: Yeah, that's who it is Nathaniel Hawthorne

I was an English Literature major, on a full academic scholarship, graduated in the top ten in my class, summa cum laude, and less than ten years later I speak lolcat half the time and refer to Nathaniel Hawthorne as "the red letter guy."

A low moment in my life.

This rocks my world


Although now he's banned from the mall, which, IMHO, since I haven't actually gone there-- it's 10 minutes away-- in more than 5 years, is no great loss. But it may seem like a loss to him.

This was on Boingboing

Terrifying LinkCollapse )
Klingons vesus Furrys at the Bowling Alley

Defense Agains the Dark Arts

My friend, whose name happens to be Harry, is absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter. And He's an adult, not a kid :-)
I am fully supportive of this.
So I made him a bookCollapse )

a couple days late

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Sep. 10th, 2007

None: You could easily get away with murder. You have the cold and calculating logic of a sociopath. For all our sakes, go hug someone.
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HOw Odd

When I took the test, it told me I would

when I posted the results, it says I'm going to have a

I think that must be telling of my life in general, somehow

This was on boing boing...

.... have to post it.
The trouble with Tribbles, reinvented in the stle of Edward Gorey

Aug. 24th, 2007

A penguin. A Pool. a hoax website. a return to a chainstore.


What else is there in a good story?

Amazon delivers my cd day...

And hours later, her tour is cancelled...


Of course, it's not like I go to concerts, but...
Jeffrey Weiss: Christian themes abound in Potter

J.K. Rowling gets the last laugh on the dwindling number of conservative Christians who have attacked her "Harry Potter" saga over the past decade: The most important plot point of the seventh and final book is unambiguously Christian.
Ms. Rowling cleverly scattered so many red herrings amongst the loaves and fishes in the previous books that she made it difficult to see the trail clearly except in retrospect. The Potter story is not a linear Christian allegory, no modern day Pilgrim's Progress. And Harry's World is insistently devoid of explicit religion, right through the final chapter.
I cut for SpoilersCollapse )

Haven't posted in Almost a month....


I spend from morning to night blowing and leaking buckets of snot... okay, I won't finish that lovely description. Matt had to weedwhack the ragweed in the back yard, we don'tknow how it got there, but from now until October is as bad as the spring for me.

Here is the BIG News, that I haven't written (I have been reading, sorry I've been kinda quiet.)


Yes, the state has "approved" of us. Which only means that now we wait to have a child placed in our home, but it could be any day. Of, you know, 4 years from now.
My mom says, "So this means it's like you are pregnant now?" And I said , "Yeah, except nothing like that at all."
Elephant gestational period or tomorrow.

2. Matt's company got the job in Texas they were chasing after, so he has been back and forth to Austin a couple of times. We are actually going there in October for the MAKER FAIRE, (watch, they will find us a child right before we are supposed to leave for our first 'real' vacation since our honeymoon in 2001. Not that I'm complaining, but...)

3. Seth and Mia's wedding was yesterday. It was perfect.They couldn't have asked for a better day. Afterwards, Matt and I went back to their house (where no one was) so we could feed teh bunnehs for them (they have both ET and Scooter Bunny Lumpkins now) for them. We also denuded a small portion of one of their ginormous blueberry bushes on mia's strict command. I am soo jealous of their blueberry bushes.

4. Henry is doing WORLDS better since his surgery.Nothing has seemed to come back, and hehas put on some puggy weight that he has never seemed to have before. He basically never leaves my side though. He is my little man.

Totally Spoileriffic

Totally Spoileriffic Blog Review of Book 7
By the woman who edited it.
So she has been thinking about it a lot longer than we all have
Don't say i didn't warn you.

Some interesting points.
But I could, cuz I'm done!!
Favorite phrase I can remember at this moment: "nuttier than squirrel poo"
But I didn't get a lot of sleep.

Because we need magic in our lives...

I actually pulled out the iron today so that our robes would be properly pressed for the party tonight.
This is the first midnight book release party that I've felt up to going to, so that must mean something positive :-)

I had started to make a Tonks wig, with fun fur in hot pink, but when I went and saw the movie I was disturbed because it looked more like Umbridge's hat than like Tonks hair.

Anyway, so I amthinking ofmaking a handspun fall to put in my hair instead.

Matt told me this morning that he needs to "polish his wand."

I *almost* let that go....
It consists of housework, taking care of my mom's bird while she is in California, some spinning and writing, and sewing.
And a lot of waiting.
Waiting for our week at the condo. (our inlaws graced us with a week in newport, because we asked for it. They were just going to let the place go empty. Nice, huh?)
Waiting to hear back from the DCYF.
I am trying to be productive, but everything is hitting me hard right now.
And "trying to be productive" is usually the way to be the least productive.
But yeah, I'm sorta here

miserable csa experience

Yes, misery at the CSA (believe it or not)
I got there fairly early the other day, and when I finished and came out I was surrounded by poorly parked people in a very narrow driveway.
Well, it was w beautiful afternoon, and I had nowhere else to go really, and wasn't ready to back all the way down the driveway, and didn't really feel like I had enough room to turn around, so I figured I'd sit until a couple people finished picking out their produce and then leave.

Out comes a lady who says, "Oh, i will help guide you to turn around-- I'm an ambulance driver, I do this kind of thing all the time." And she helps me back around and then says-- "Go fer it, yer good!" So I do.

Apparently, My back end wasn't GOOD. And so I swiped the front bumper of a Saturn with my back wheel well.

I sheepishly go back into the pickup to find out who it belongs too.....

(The ambulance driver disappears....)

AND! The people whose car I hit-- they are new to the area and its their first DAY AT THE CSA! Welcome!!@!

Well, no one was hurt except their bumper and my pride.
Matt called them back right away and said NONONONO don't call the insurance because we have a 500 deductable anyway, and he would rather pay for it out of our pocket than have it go on our insurance....

But strangely, it's brought up all this emotion and pain from my accident years ago
that i forget is there until I have a car experience.

I am really enjoying

Update on Henry

My Little man has an infection on his surgery stitches, but we went back and got some antibiotics and he is going to be okay.

He is sooo stubborn! He isn't supposed to do much walking, and not suposed to do stairs, so I have been carry9ing him up and down the back stairs to go outside. Last night, after I carried him back up the stairs, he looked at me, ran back down them as quick as he could, tagged the back door with the cone on his head, and then ran back up, sat in front of me and gave me a little "Boof! Of a bark as if to say: "Me do it!!!"

So he has been crated since Tuesday. And he barks because he hates being in jail. But he won't rest otherwise.

We have another recheck on monday. The biopsy came back, though, and the tumor was malignant, so that was good. I love my little budd.
Summer reading program canceled by Church Protests for idiotic reasons

Otherwise, henry had his surgery yesterday.Everything looks good.
I am having a lot of trouble keeping him quiet... he wants to pace. So I have him in his crate and he is going to be yipping himself to sleep.
He won't even sit on my lap.

Henry and Pumpkin

Henry and Pumpkin are my two pugs, and I am one of those people who treat my dogs like children.
My children are getting old.

Pumpkin woke up last weekend and had some issues so we took her to the vet (I didn't mention, but we got a new vet, a closer one, that has pugs, all around good decision, yay for us!)
Thousand Dollar Vet bills in 2 weeksCollapse )

Thursday was our first CSA pickup!

I forgot the produce report!!~

3 heads of baby lettuce
1 head of romaine
1 head of red lettuce
1 head of dinosaur kale
2 bunches of salad turnips
1 bunch of radishes
1 head of bok choi
2 bunch of chives with the flowers

Not bad for the first week of June in New england!

It's almost all gone now-- Seth and Mia came over friday night and we had tempeh curry and a honkin' big salad. I made salads for lunch for matt and I and I just had lettuce wraps for my lunch today.

(There was a partially frozen slug in the lettuce today.. I have to remember to wash the lettuce RIGHT when I get home... smack on the forehead.)

Dessert on Friday night was Cherry Clafouti with fresh whipped cream for the food pornographers.

Matt and Seth played wii, and I showed mia the Potter Puppet Pals! (How come no one showed me this like ages ago??


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